Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Fast Solution to Problem: Working Out Hours Worked If Start Time is PM and Finish Time is AM?

Working Out Hours Worked If Start Time is PM and Finish Time is AM?

Good afternoon.

I'm creating a table in Excel for my brother and in it are four columns:

Start Time.
Finish Time.
Total Hours.
Total Pay.

I've set the columns to be 24 hour clock, and not use AM or PM, but I get results like:

Start Time.
Finish Time.
Total Hours.
18:00          01:00             ########

And if I use the 1904 Time thing:

18:00         01:00            -17:00

The formula I'm using is:


H3 = Start Time
I3 = Finish Time
J3 = Total Hours.
K3 = Total Pay

I altered the formula so it reads:

And although this fixes the problem visually, it messes up the Total Pay.

The formula in Total Pay is:


Where G3 = Hourly Rate.

Can anyone help me fix the negative Total Hours, without it messing up the Total Pay, please?

Thanks in advance.

Anwsers to the Problem Working Out Hours Worked If Start Time is PM and Finish Time is AM?

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Put this formula in J3 and format as General 

Total Pay is then


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