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New Computer Wrong processor Speed [Anwsered]

New Computer Wrong processor Speed

I recently bought a new computer just for new DJ software that I purchased, It required 4Gb of Ram and a 2.4 Ghz processor speed.
I was sold the new I3 chip 64 bit with 2.13 processor speed program still not functioning properly, manufacturer said if the new computer was 32 bit the 2.13 processor speed would be fine, What can I do to fix this besides buying a new computer?

Keys to the Problem New Computer Wrong processor Speed

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What is the name of the DJ Software?
Often when a program says you need a 2.4 GHZ processor, they mean you need a 2.4 GHZ old school Pentium.
 But a Core 2 Duo or an i3 will outperform a 2.4 GHz old school Pentium in most cases. 
For example, a 2.13 GHZ i3 has a total
Passmark score of about 2,000, but an 2.4 GHZ Pentium has a total score of 314 :-(.
 So clock speed doesn't necessarily matter...
The only problem with the Passmark results is that they are a little biased toward multi-threaded performance.
  If you want to compare single threaded performance, you will need to check outSpec which
is a little harder to read.
  Unfortunately, there don't appear to be Spec ratings for the 2.13 i3 so we will have to guess a little.
Looking at Spec the Single Threaded Floating Point rating for a 3 GHZ i3 is about 26 while the Single Threaded Floating Point rating for a 3 GHZ Old School Pentium is about 10.
  So if I did my match correctly, the single threaded performance of an i3 should
be about 2x the single threaded performance of an old school Pentium at the same clock speed.
Now you might wonder what the multi-threaded performance of an i3 is compared to and old school Pentium.
 You can do the Spec math if you want but just trust me that there is not comparison.
 The multi-threaded capabilities of an i3 are without a doubt better
than any old school Pentium.
 Many old school Pentium's should only had a single or 1 and a half cores.
To make a long story short, your DJ Software should be able to run with a 2.12 GHZ i3.
 I run 32 Bit XP Cubase 5 (lightly) on a Quad E5504 Xeon @ 2 GHZ and don't have any problems.
 The Quad E5504 Xeon @ 2 GHZ was an upgrade from a 3 GHZ
Pentium D.
 I would be running 64 Bit Windows 7 and Cubase, but I'm waiting for Windows 7 SP1 to come out before upgrading.

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