Wednesday, February 24, 2016

[Solution] create task scheduler using gpo for standard user

create task scheduler using gpo for standard user

i'm creating a script to create scheduled task mybackup.bat and added into GPO logon script.

SchTasks /create /sc daily /st 12:00 /tn mybackup  /tr “'C:\Program files\Viceversa pro 2\Schedstub.exe' "\\nas\backupdata\daily.fsf" '/hiddenautoexec'" 

somehow when standard user login, the script is not create the scheduled task.
so i run it manually from user directly and can see the task created.
but when i run the task, it asked for credential to run the task, seems like it asked for run under local
administrator account. 

perhaps someone can share how to solve this issue?

logon script using gpo did not create the task
when run the task, it asked for administrator credential.

standard user is 7, dc is 2008 r2

Solutions to the Problem create task scheduler using gpo for standard user

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  6. Once the files are deleted, open and run the CMD as the administrator and type "wuauclt.exe /updatenow". Press ENTER.

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