Wednesday, February 24, 2016

IE8 and Favorites: Managing and Favorites Bar [Anwsered]

IE8 and Favorites: Managing and Favorites Bar

Hi :)

I hoped managing favorites in IE8 would be improved :( 

(or maybe i'm just overlooking something)

* When I add a favorites folder to the favorites bar (right click fav folder -> add to favbar) it only makes a COPY of the folder and its content ..
while in my opinion it should be only a link-to-the-favfolder.
This, because I now have 2 copies of the folder and when adding content it only appears in one of them (in the one i choose).

This makes managing the content when using the fav-bar almost impossible to keep up with: one has to perform all actions always twice now.

* When one has many fav-folders, it still is a pain to add content to it since it is not possible to 'assign a default fav-folder'.
So when i want to add a favorite to a folder which happens to be inside another folder at the bottom of the list, I find myself
scrolling my fingers off to navigate to it each time i want to add a fav.
Way more practical would be if one could set a default folder or even better: if there was an option in the favBar group 'add to this folder' or so.

Is there any way to accomplish managing fav's like sketched above or does it remain ..
sigh ..
a rather dreadfull task in IE8?


Solutions to the Problem IE8 and Favorites: Managing and Favorites Bar

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Hello HANS.B,

 Thank you for the reply back.  I do understand what you are explaining in regards to when adding a site to your favorites.  You will always get the option "Name" and "Creating in".  You will get this option even if you only have one folder as well.  There
isn't an option to use a specific folder, even temporarily to add items to your favorites folder.  

  Also I see what you are saying in regards to adding a folder and how it is copied in the "Favorites Bar".
I did glance at the browser you listed and see many other third party browsers that give this option that you are looking at.

I hope this has been helpful and if you still have any questions please let me know.

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